Looks like WebOS is finally going into 1.1 this coming month. Hopefully within a few weeks, we should see 1.1 update available for the Pre. This update is putting heavy emphasis on security, as we can see from some of the update notes so far. They are as follows:

* IT-initiated remote wipe
* Required PIN
* PIN complexity (numeric or alphanumeric)
* Device wipe after a certain number of failed PIN attempts
* Auto-lock after X minutes of inactivity
* Improved digital certificates

We’ll keep you updated with the latest on this new WebOS version as soon as more details come in.

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BBC iPlayer may be coming to UK Pre launch

With the recent rumors and eventual confirmation of the Pre going overseas soon, BBC has apparently jumped on the App Catalog bandwagon. Dave Whelen, Palm’s VP of global sales commented that Palm is working on UK specific applications for the upcoming UK launch of the Pre. It is suspected that BBC will definitley be among one of these “UK specific” applications, as they have had huge success on other mobile platforms such as the iPhone and Blackberry devices.

BBC has not released any statement on whether or not they are teaming up with Palm to launch an App, but with their recent emphasis on mobile devices, it seems that this is a logical and likely candidate for the UK App Catalog.

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Seidio creates increased life battery for palm pre  1350mAh

For users looking to get more out of their Pre, Seidio has now released their newest Palm Pre-compatible battery – the Seidio 1350mAh. This battery is fully compatible with the Pre and increases battery life to 20%. This increase is said to increase the Pre’s life to 7.5-9.5 hours of talk time. This could prove to be a necessity for many users as it should cover most of the days work on a single charge. What’s more, the battery is the same size as a standard Pre battery and will therefore fit under a Touchstone backing for your Pre. Seidio is selling the 1350mAh battery for $44.95. Click the link below to purchase.

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Remember those lucky developers that were accepted into Palm’s early access program for the SDK? Well it looks like they’ve started hammering out some real, workable apps. What’s better though is that Palm has said that they will be including some of these apps in the App Catalog very soon! Palm released this statement:

We are pleased to announce a limited expansion of access to the Beta Application Catalog for our SDK early access partners. Starting today, you can submit your application for consideration to be included in the Catalog.

Keep checking back, as we should be seeing many more applications in the coming week(s). The best way to keep in touch with us is following us @PreInsiders on Twitter or at our Forum!

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ZodTTD, originator of many emulators for the iPhone has successfully ported psx4all, a popular playstation 1 emulator, to the Pre. However, it seems there are still a few problems left to work around:

* There is no sound output (but it’s emulated), as Pulse Audio is required for the Palm Pre, and I have yet to support it. It will come soon.
* I have not figured out hardware rotation or scaling, or whether it is possible. Until then I am using the raw framebuffer device and blitting 320×240 software scaled.
* I figured out how to read the keypad device on the Palm Pre, though there are times it fails to give a keyup event, making keys “stick”. This is annoying and I’m looking for a workaround.
* As things progress I will have fullscreen landscape working as well.

Hopefully some sort of USB or bluetooth controller will be available, as the keypad doesn’t exactly work amazing for gaming.

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Mac user’s rejoice, thanks to PreThinking.com, the leaked Mac-compatible version of the Mojo SDK is now available for download. We’re running windows machine, so any Mac users that have scanned (and even better, installed) this want to email us or drop a comment?

Mac-compatible Mojo SDK download – Rapidshare

You will also need to install VirtualBox for Mac

Credit via PreThinking

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Palm releases update 1.0.4 breaks homebrew

We aren’t too sure on this one yet, as our Pre has died and we are now charging it, but it looks like 1.0.4 is now available. However, before you start up that Updater app, you should probably read the (leaked) patch notes. From the Palm forum, it appears that update 1.0.4 may block homebrew .ipk being installed on the Pre:

Unauthorized applications could be installed without having physical access to the device

We won’t know here until we’re sure, but maybe this means that it’s allowing homebrew? We sure hope so. If you have updated to 1.0.4 and tried to install any homebrew applications, please tell us if it worked!

Discussion in our forum.

Official patch notes via Palm

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How to install and use Mojo SDK

After posting the Mojo SDK leak, we noticed a lot of people were having trouble installing and using the SDK. While it came with no official documentation and thus no real instruction, the developer community has been hard at work toying around with the SDK and as a result, we now have a full installation guide as well as basic navigation, command and gesture guide for use with the SDK. While not complete, we are all working hard to answer each other’s questions and really learn more about this SDK. If you have any questions, need any help or have information to contribute, join the discussion on our forum!

Palm Pre Mojo SDK leaked

Just around an hour ago, @robovalzuniga sent out a tweet confirming that Palm’s Mojo SDK had in fact leaked out. What’s better, he included a download link. Yes, you can now download the (beta) SDK for the Pre. We imagine since Palm’s last disclosure on the SDK which stated that they would be opening up the early access program that someone has posted the download link and it has made it’s way around the interweb. We don’t need to tell you twice, get this one before it’s gone.

Palm Pre Mojo SDK leaked

Currently, no word on whether or not Palm is okay with this, and we can’t imagine that they are thrilled, so download at your own risk. Depending on how this one goes, we may have to pull all the links if Palm requests (we’re all for the sharing of information, but we want to help Palm, not destroy them). If they feel leaking the SDK early is only detrimental to them as a company, then we will remove the URLs. In accordance, we ask that anyone who downloads the SDK to use this as a guide for the actual SDK release. As apps are currently unsupported by Palm, we aren’t so sure that publishing homebrew apps is the best idea. However, poking around certainly should yield some great developer knowledge.

Download Links:
*Please report any broken links through a comment or email admin
Torent (mininova)
My Unspace
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Sprint's new facebook ad takes a jab at apple iphone

You can have a mighty fancy phone, but it’s only as good as the network it uses and the calling plans available to consumers. Look past the iHype and we think you’ll see a new Sprint with a strong network, appealing new phones and value-priced calling plans. We’ll keep striving to get even better, but we sure hope folks – especially those with contracts elsewhere expiring soon – will give Sprint a look.

Get more twidium program, software . help writing a narrative essay writing papers on essayaid.net pay money for essay writers Sprint just updated their Facebook page with a new ad – and it’s a mean one. Taking a blatant shot at Apple and the iPhone, it looks like Sprint has really nailed the timing here. If you weren’t aware, Apple has consecutively released all iPhone models almost exactly one year after the previous. That means that at the launch of the 3GS iPhone, all the first generation iPhone users had finished out the two year agreement with AT&T. Sprint took the chance to play on this fact, and we’re glad that they’re a company with wit and confidence to do so. Tell us your thoughts on this, is Sprint being too aggressive with an ad like this, or is it good to finally see some competition for Apple and the iPhone?

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